Indian Rail Enquiry - Made Easy on the Website of IRCTC
27.05.2013 16:51

When you plan a train journey, you have a lot of doubts which have to be cleared before you book the ticket, especially if it is the first time you are traveling in the train. A lot of changes take place in Indian Railways from time to time. So it is necessary that you make an Indian rail enquiry before you book your tickets. This will provide you with all details on trains like the train availability, routes, schedules, seat availability and prices of tickets.

IRCTC, a subsidiary of Indian Railways, has its own website where you get all information on trains. To check the train availability, all you need to do is to log on to the website and enter the source and destination stations. You will get a list of all the trains running on that route.

By giving the code number or the name of the train and the date of the journey, a list of seats available on that train along with the class is shown. The prices of tickets also will be given. This allows you to check the ticket rates in each class and book your tickets on your preferred class. The website also allows other enquiries like the train time table, trains between two stations, PNR status, and so on. The checking of PNR status is necessary when your ticket is in RAC or Waiting List.

The Indian rail enquiry provides you firsthand information on all trains and ensures you a happy journey. No doubt, the website of IRCTC makes it really easy.


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